Atmos Jump Atmos Nation

Atmos Jump Atmos Nation

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Atmos — A Brand Review

It is challenging to buy a vaporizer that is not too expensive yet provides good quality vaporization, and Atmos definitely rings a bell. Of course, you don’t want a cheap vaporizer that can break your budget and most of all, combust your most precious herb. It’s a good thing Atmos Jump Vaporizer is now available that is described as a quality vape and bypasses the expensive price point.
As a pen-style vaporizer, the Atmos Jump is perfect for your dry herb. But, what are the best features of this vaping device? Is it worth it? Will it last? Let’s explore and review this innovative vaporizer to find out the advantages and features.

Atmos Nation Company Behind This Vape Pen

The Atmos Nation is the company responsible for the development of Atmos Jump Vaporizer. They are specialized in vape pens and portable vaporizers that can work well with both dry herb and liquids. Every design of vaporizer created by Atmos is patented, so you can’t find any style of Atmos anywhere.
This company is continuously investing in research and development to be able to come up with the best vape products at competitive prices. They have dedicated product designers and marketing strategists to ensure that their products are able to leverage and keep up with the latest trends and innovations in the market.

How the Atmos Jump Vaporizer Works

This vape pen can be loaded by twisting the mouthpiece counter-clockwise, unlocking and removing it from the unit. Load the herbs into the device’s heating chamber while the heating chamber is exposed.
To obtain the best outcomes, tightly pack the herbs down to prevent moving while drawing. Avoid too tightly because it may restrict proper airflow. After loading the chamber, just simply twist the mouthpiece to return onto the Atmos Jump. Now, you’re set to vaporize.

You can turn on the device by simply pressing the power button thrice quickly. You’ll know that the vape pen is heating when the LED glow orange. The LED indicator will turn green as it reaches the desired temperature, and by then, you can take slow and smooth draws using the mouthpiece. It will automatically shut-off after 5 minutes to preserve the battery life. You can also manually turn it off by pressing the power button thrice quickly.
Let’s check the pros and cons of this dry herb vaporizer today!

Impressive design
Many color options

Long charging time
Plastic mouthpiece

Features, Benefits, and Drawbacks of Atmos Jump

1. Vapor Quality
The vapor quality of Jump can satisfy the majority of users even if the temperature setting is only one. The vapor is slightly warm and a bit harsh but not harsher than the G-Pen Elite or smoother than the Zeus Smite. The Atmos is a simple dry herb vaping device, providing adequate vapor quality. It produces a decent vapor that is visible enough.

2. Temperature Flexibility
The Atmos Jump Vaporizer has 200 degrees Celsius temperature, which is perfect for vaporization. It only has a single temperature setting, so some users wish it had more power. Others want to scale the temperature back a bit.

We can’t be that harsh for the price of the vape pen unit when it comes to temperature control. However, this is something the manufacturer might want to consider on their future vape device releases.

3. Manufacturing Quality
The exterior features of this vaping unit have a cool carbon-fiber design with anodized steel chamber that is blue-colored. The device feels solid and it is pleasurable to grasp and hold in your hand.

The mouthpiece of this vaporizer is made of plastic. It can be a source of concern when it comes to withstanding impact like accidentally dropping it on a hard surface. Also, the mouthpiece has teeth, allowing locking and unlocking into the vaporizer. Issues may arise like losing the ability to lock or chipping of plastic teeth.

4. Battery Life
The internal battery of Jump is 1200mAh. You can get about 6 sessions upon full charge. With continuous use, it can last up to 40 minutes with 5 minutes per cycle. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the device. If you use it 1 to 2 times a day, it can last for several days. The charge time is quite longer than other brands, and this is one thing Atmos Nation should take a look at.

5. Portability
When it comes to portability, this vaping unit is very portable. It is easy to fit in your pocket or bag. You can also fit it in your Zeus Armor Case when traveling. You can get through the whole day with 5 minutes per session. Indeed, this vaporizer suits your everyday vaping needs anywhere, anytime.

6. Ease of Us
This is one thing Atmos Jump stands out from the rest. It is easy to use with a single button and temperature. You don’t have to be tech-savvy. Just simply pack your desired herbs and turn the unit on so you can enjoy vaping to the fullest. The best results show with smooth and slow draws.

7. Discreet Vaping
This device is a pen-shaped vaporizer that you can easily and quickly conceal as necessary. The features are somehow similar to e-liquid pen vapes, so most people think you’re using one of those instead of a dry herbs vaporizer. Whether you are consuming hemp or cannabis, nobody will notice the difference, giving you peace of mind, most especially when you’re always on the go.

Overall Experience

If you want a true vaporization in a discreet pen-style device, the Atmos Jump offers a decent option given its budget-friendly price point. While it may lack temperature flexibility, a delicate mouthpiece, warm vapor, long charge times, and plastic mouthpiece, this unit is practical and convenient to use with a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

For people who want a simple vaporizer, the Atmos Jump is one of the best choices given its price value. It is easy to use, reliable, and practical with its one heat setting. Surely, you want to invest in an Atmos device for a convenient vaping experience.