Hemp Rated As One Of The Most Universal Plants On The Planet

Hemp Rated As One Of The Most Universal Plants On The Planet

March 5, 2019 0 By admin

If you have been paying attention to the marijuana industry over the past several years, you will have noticed that a lot has changed, and hemp has really come to the forefront as an extremely useful and versatile substance. If you take a quick look at the many uses for this plant, you will quickly discover that it can easily be used as fuel, food, clothing, medicine, paper, shelter, and more. This is one of the most useful plants on the entire planet, and it can easily be used to manufacture a whole variety of different substances and materials that are extremely useful to a society such as ours. If someone hasn’t acknowledged the many various uses of the hemp plant, and also the fact that it is non psychoactive, then they probably aren’t aware of how it can be used to generate profits and a sustainable revenue stream for any local state or city council on the planet. The best thing about this highly versatile textile is that it can easily be grown, but we currently have some very ridiculous laws here in the United States that are keeping us from growing the product here in house. Therefore, we are having people and companies that want to use this plant in their products have to import it from Canada across the border. Hemp can then be used in protein powders and other food items that will be distributed throughout the United States. It’s a shame that companies based in the US cannot even grow their own hemp, as hemp is not even psychoactive and now we have 4 more states that have legalized the recreational use of Cannabis during this most recent election cycle.

How Is Hemp Different From Marijuana?

Hemp is the non-psychoactive form of marijuana that is strictly grown for it’s practical applications in the forms of oils, clothing, food, shelter, paper, etc. Hemp has a maximum THC content of 0.3% making it non-intoxicating like it’s cousin marijuana which contains anywhere from 5% – 30% THC for medical and religious use. So in short: marijuana gets you high and hemp is used for making clothing and other useful substances, but both are treated the same and are a schedule 1 controlled dangerous substance in the United States on a federal level. It really is a shame too, because the only reason why hemp or marijuana is illegal in the first place is because of a smear campaign that William Randolph Hearst ran back in the early 1900’s to discredit marijuana and claim that weed smoking mexican rapists were a giant threat to our country, so the laws were placed to make marijuana and hemp illegal. Little did everyone know that Hearst only ran this smear campaign with the goal of getting hemp outlawed so that his paper company could continue to have a monopoly on the paper industry without the competition from the hemp plant, because it was so much cheaper to manufacture paper out of hemp than tree pulp like his company was doing. And here it remains illegal to this day, and it’s such a sad turn of events, that’s why we really need to focus our efforts on getting this highly beneficial substance legalized for all citizens in this great country, and so everyone has access to this substance on a large scale for medical, personal, and recreational uses without restrictions from local and federal governments.


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